NFT Music Showcase

Royal Money Entertainment NFT Music Showcase, an unparalleled event set in the vibrant city of Lakewood, Colorado. Our showcase is not just a competition; it's a celebration of artistic innovation and a gateway to the forefront of the NFT music revolution.

🎵 The Opportunity

Embrace the chance to make history as artists from every corner of the globe compete for the coveted opportunity to be signed to one of the premier NFT music labels in the country. This showcase isn't just about winning; it's about elevating your craft and diving into the limitless possibilities of NFTs in the music industry.

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🌐 Global Competition

Attracting talents globally, our showcase promises a diverse and dynamic lineup, representing the true essence of NFT music. Lakewood becomes the epicenter where cultures collide, creating a unique and unforgettable musical experience for artists and audiences alike.

💼 Exclusive Royal Money Deal

The stakes are high, and the rewards are monumental. The 1st place winner secures an exclusive $5,000 deal with Royal Money Entertainment, guaranteeing sales of their music and brand merchandise. This deal marks a transformative step into a promising future within the NFT music landscape.

🎨 Uniting Music and Art

Explore the synergy between sound and visuals as artists present their tracks accompanied by stunning digital art. Witness the convergence of technology and creativity, shaping the future of the music industry through NFTs.
Join us in this historic event, where talent meets opportunity, and together, we define the next chapter in the evolution of NFT music.

How to Submit

Submitting your music for consideration is simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Prepare Your Submission:
    • Ensure you have original tracks ready in MP3 format.
    • Create digital artwork or visuals that complement your music.
    • Write a brief artist biography and introduction.
  2. Submit Your Entry:
    • Send an email to
    • Include your full name, stage name (if applicable), contact information, and social media handles.
    • Attach your original MP3 tracks and digital artwork.
    • Provide a brief artist biography and introduction in the email.
  3. Deadline:
    • The deadline for submissions is 4/18/24.

In-Person Performance

Contestants selected for the showcase must be able to perform in person on April 19th, 2024, in Lakewood, Colorado. This live performance is a crucial part of the selection process and a fantastic opportunity for artists to showcase their talent.

Join us in this groundbreaking event, where creativity, talent, and innovation converge. Submit your music now and be a part of the Digital Art Management Network NFT Music Showcase—a gateway to success in the NFT music industry.