WinnersTribe 420 Experience

An annual 420 weekend cannabis-friendly event in Colorado. Connect with like-minded cannabis enthusiasts, crypto enthusiasts, and innovators. Explore opportunities to learn, grow, and network.

Event Overview

Dates: April 18-21, 2024

Embrace a cannabis-friendly environment for enthusiasts.


Focus on crypto, online entrepreneurship, and personal growth.


Build valuable connections for future collaborations.


The Chicago Crypto Block Bully

Take a deep dive in the Bitcoin ecosystem including ordinals with the legendary  Chicago Crypto Block Bully

The BK Bruja Laughs

Canna-meditation and breathwork, along with some tips and suggestions on connecting to your inner by way of cannabis with The BK Bruja Laughs

Dazzle Daniels

Serial entrepreneur, success strategist and digital asset investor

Theme: "Ownership and the Boss Side of the Tracks

NFT Workshops

Workshops and panels on creating NFT radio stations, starting NFT music labels, and funding companies.


Empower attendees with skills in the crypto and online entrepreneurship space.


Rico Cunningham

Digital media and technology creator currently pushing the limits on what we can do in this space using AI and crypto

Dr. Tonee

 Business credits secrets needed to accelerate your fundability


The secret to getting real estate properties UNDER 10K

Why Attend?


Network with cannabis and crypto enthusiasts.


Build valuable connections for future collaborations.

Gaining Insights

Gain insights into the crypto market.

Learning Opportunity

Learn from successful entrepreneurs in online spaces.

Showcase Talents

Showcase talents in the music industry.


KImmie B

Mastering Multiple Income Streams in Trucking: Truckless Coins

Marcus Ruffin

Flipping secrets of  storage units, cars, precious metals and more 

Mikhael “Magik” Ali

Educational plant based and plant medicine workshops series called “Plant Based Magik”

Music Showcase


Music showcase with a chance to turn the winning song into an NFT.

Exclusive Offer

Exclusive signing to an NFT music label.

Music Distribution

Distribution on Blokflic and platforms.

ONLY 25 Tickets Available

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